The etymology of the word red is linked to the Indo-European root rudh- or reudh- (in Sanskrit, when used as a noun, the word rudh-iram = blood, when used as an adjective = red).  We find this root in the Latin words rubens, ruber and rufus = red; also in the Proto-Germanic languages we find the word rauthaz = red from which the Anglo-Saxon red and the German rot. Red originally means “the colour of blood”; it is not by chance that, in the collective imagination, the colour red evokes passion, ardour, impetus and vivacity. Red also refers to the archetypal idea of fire as a primordial force that transforms and purifies.
In this volume there are more than 30 artists who use different methods of communication. They have all been carefully selected and invited to collaborate on this exclusive publication, which will not be reprinted. 
Each of them shows us how red acquires new meanings, how red attributed to looks that go beyond the previously analysed meanings creates new contexts of visual meaning. Although red is not a predominant colour in many of the photos, it is grafted within each photo as a colour that exposes the visual narrative. 
Release date 15 December 2021
Limited edition.
Edited by Emiliano Vittoriosi & Alessia Cicala
Cover: Loreal Prystaj
Photographers: Nika Ilic, Shaoqi Hu, Linda Hacker, Sabrine El Berdaye, Peter Moore, Megan Daniels, Anton Hangschlitt , Lia Tee, Juliette Papin, Heidi Leenaards, Jeremy Huard, Monica Munoz Iglesias, Katrin Khomutinnikova, Emiliano Vittoriosi, Mark Benini, Laurie Coldwell, Wojtek Chrubasik, Yevheniia Bychkova, Dmitrii Kriuchkov , Bunzo, Sootz, Pearl rapalje , Dima Tran, Edward Nurton, Marina Benkovic, Andres Cesar, Daniele Rabuazzo, Kirk Lisaj, Alise Goldmane , Anastasia Sultanova, Ashley Mack, Monte D Monteleagre, Lenaig Chatel, Serj Tyaglovsky, Jedrek Szepietowski, Serkan Tekin, Maneesha Chaudhary, Thomas Havlik, Lukman Fahry, Joao Pimenta, Giulia Lomuscio, Vladyslava Afanasievska , Dimitris Choremiotis, Gianluca Mortarotti.
Publisher: BeEx Project
Language: English
Release: December 2021
Volume: 162 pages
Format: 21 cm x 21 cm
Weight: 170 gr
Binding: Perfect bound
Coverpage paper: 300 gr
Price: 30,00 €

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