During the period between March 16 and May 1, 2020, I spent these days isolated in a room in the Campania region. 
A moment full of inspiration, but of a non-existent mobility, I took a lot of inspiration to constantly look at new content. The project was not born in that period but much much earlier, we can say that this post-production of mine, if we want to call it that way, was born from an interest in meta-photography, the manipulation of an existing image, taking the picture in front of a screen and give life to a single frame, I'm not used to work on still images, but more on channels where I can take advantage of people performing live. 
These windows into the world are usually just facades of sexuality for sale, but in the quarantine period for me they have been windows for the search of movement, and a challenge in forming images just waiting for the right moment. Selection is a fundamental part of this work. 
What I wanted to impress in my photos was the grain, the hardness of the image, the strong colors, the sensitivity of the frames that go beyond just the body performing.
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