When the dynamics are strong the music paints the air, the body floats in its thinnest dimension. It is thrown here and there by pulsations, but it remains standing if it can, just clinging to the earth and leaning towards the sky. Otherwise it gropes. It fears. The body abandons itself to its lightness when it has become a temple. From there it can enjoy the panorama of the world from the apex of perspective. Because it ventures, it lets itself go with the current and can totally feel free and at peace, to follow the harmony of the cosmos in its veils of light and shadow, safe and master of the action it has to do so that it feels authentic. The dance of the body creates hypnosis, the reality of the instant is trance. In it a thousand living consciousnesses merge in us. The search for trance can lead to various pulsations. Compulsiveness, harmony, spirituality, materialism, depression, ecstasy. It remains for us to decide how to reach this state in the highest comprehensible way, like a prism that transcends the pure white rainbow ray while remaining transparent.

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