Today, photography is more than immersed in the digital world that there is a sense that in a way its communicative sense disappears in this overdrive of information. On the other hand, the increasingly violent consumerism of free services like Instagram and the like has given the last cut to publishing.
Being Visual Artists today is one of the biggest challenges there can be, selling your images is tough, but creating a communicative connection I think is the hardest part. There are so many questions about how to make our work pay off or how to jump into the view of those who don’t see us. The digital world is getting bigger and fuller, this puts us in the position of an ant in a crowd of humans.
This project has a clear intention to bring people closer to discovering more about the humans behind their images.
Photographing and observing photographs are ways of approaching realities far or near from us. Imagining and wondering indirectly what we are looking at and how we are perceiving it. 
In this volume I have played with images to rediscover senses of happiness and fun, as well as a slight annoyance with trashy & kitsch images. The sense of humor that I share with you has always been part of my person, as well as most of the works I curate are on a reflective basis and with dramatic notes, the flow that transports me into these dimensions always starts from the pleasure of playing and discovering how one image after another can tell a story.
Edited by Emiliano Vittoriosi
Cover: Guillermo Espinosa
Photographers: Emiliano Vittoriosi, Guillermo Espinosa, Alessia Cicala, Wojtek Chrubasik, Pearl Rapalje aka Koduckgirl, Anton Renz.
Publisher: BeEx Project
Language: English
Release: November 2021
Volume: 24 pages
Format: 10.5 cm x 14.8 cm
Weight: 250 gr
Binding: Stapled Binding
Coverpage paper: 250 gr
Price: 5,00 €

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